Partnering with UMC Leaders

Sometimes you just need the right partner.

When Christ UMC in Salt Lake City, UT and Parker UMC in Parker, CO were looking to refinance their loans, they wanted to work with their conference foundation, but without the right partnership this simply was not possible.

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Resource Guide for Building Projects

Are you thinking about building? Do you want the most jam-packed resource document in the #UMDF library? Then you need the Building Resources Guide! This guide is packed full of useful information - church check lists, sample documents for district boards of church location and building, planning information, and more! #linkinbio #UMC #building #churchloans #loans


Perfect Partners

McKendree UMC was looking for a partnership.

Located in downtown Washington D.C., the needs of their mission field were great, but the church’s exceptional vision was greater. “Our church is on the move,” Pastor David Hall proclaimed. “We are addressing capital needs, so everything we own will be in productive, missional use.”


Why Generosity Matters for Churches

One can imagine, that on occasion (surely those occasions are rare), there are whispers, grumblings, or indifference to matters centered around giving, church budgets, annual campaigns, or money in general.

But grumblings or not, frequent whispers or not, generosity matters. 


UMDF Board

Over the last few weeks we have met the incredible leaders who are serving our board, lending their skills and talents, and investing in the work of the larger United Methodist Church through UMDF. We are grateful to them and impressed with their experience. If you want to learn more about the board, click below.

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UMDF Investment Resources

UMDF has a number of resources available for church leaders who would like to share information with their congregation. These resources include bulletin inserts, like the one pictured above, rate sheets, videos, and more! Check them out here.


Interview with Melissa Blakely from the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation

Interviewer: Melissa, tell us about your foundation.

Melissa: The Mississippi United Methodist Foundation been around for 52 years.  We help our fellow Mississippians by making sure that they have “resources for today and tomorrow.” We are proud of our work and we hope that more people will join with us.


The Right Fit

Valley Faith UMC is driven by mission and a clear sense of purpose.

With two main goals propelling their mission forward, they are on track to providing a safe sanctuary for children and creating a space that is open to the community for various ministries. Valley Faith dreamed of a pilot after-school program for the second and third grade students at the neighboring school, which would not only help that group of students, but would also guide the church as they determined what other needs they could meet. Without additional space, this ministry could not happen.


Melvin Amerson’s - Closing the Holes in Your Pockets

This week we have provided an overview of some of the #stewardship resources Melvin Amerson has written for the #UMC. Melvin has written multiple books and countless articles that discuss generosity and discipleship. This is one of our favs! If you missed it, check it out! #linkinbio #giving #generosity #UMDF #stewardship #priorities

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these._ Mark 10_14 (2).png

Helping Our Children Become Worshipful Givers

More words of #stweardship #wisdom from Melvin Amerson: "There must be intentionality in integrating our younger members into worship and in creating worship through giving. This can be done in a way that helps children understand that giving is an act of worship." Read his full message - #linkinbio


Simple Suggestions to Increase Giving

Melvin Amerson's work on #stewardship and #generosity has been our focus for the last couple of days and we are loving his #wisdom in this area. Today, our very own Maggie Johnson created the social media post and the webpage where this piece will live! Thanks for being awesome, Maggie! Check out Melvin's tips to increase #giving - #linkinbio #UMC #offering#UMDF

“Cast a vision with a billboard size font, so your church may read the vison, grasp it, and take it in stride.” (1).png

A Billboard Sized Vision

Today, our summer intern Philip Moffatt created our social media post and the website page where Melvin Amerson's latest #stewardship piece will live. Thanks for being an awesome #intern! 🎉 Y'all, go read about billboard sized visions: #linkinbio #giving #vision #generosity #UMC #UMDF


Closing the Holes in Your Pockets


For the next few days, we are sharing the #stewardship and #generositywisdom of Melvin Amerson. Next up - "Closing the Holes in Your Pockets." Check it out! #linkinbio #UMC #UMDF


Preparing for the Summer Offering Drought

Summers are hot. Vacations abound 🏖. Church attendance, however, is often low and the offering is typically even lower. Check out some summer #stewardship tips from Melvin Amerson, a real-life generosity expert, to help your church beat a summer stewardship drought! #linkinbio #generosity #giving #UMC #UMDF


Giving to Foundations Declined


Wow, giving to foundations declined substantially in 2018! Foundations across the country do incredible work to support their communities. How are you supporting your local foundations? #linkinbio to check out local #UMC foundations. #giving#generosity #philanthropy #UMDF


Single women give more than single men


This trend may not be surprising to most folks - single women donate more than single men. How are you encouraging the singles in your church to be generous? #generosity #giving #churchgiving #UMDF #UMC


Impact investing Trends


Big shout out to the generosity of #Millennials and #GenXers! Impact investing is growing in popularity and is already a well adopted practice for higher net worth Millennials and Gen Xers. The Giving USA 2019 report says 75% of donors in this demographic, who have given at least $10,000 to charity, have made an impact investment. For older donors in the same category, that # is just 33%. How can you apply this data to your ministry setting? What does this tell you about Millennials and Gen Xers? #generosity #impactinvesting #UMDF #UMC #investing


Charitable Bequests


Did you know only 5% of estates leave a charitable bequest, on average, each year? That's a lot of room for growth! Are you asking people to consider remembering your ministry or church in their will? If you would like to do that, but aren't sure where to start, many local foundations will guide you through this process. Also, donors who put your church in their will are more likely to give during their lifetimes, so start these vital conversations to support the work of your church! Check out this list of #UMCfoundations across the country #linkinbio #giving #philanthropy #estategifts #estateplanning #UMDF #generosity


Giving to Religious Organizations


The Giving USA 2019 report is a wealth of information. Sadly, some of the trends are not positive. Giving towards religious organizations decreased for the first time in 7 years. The decline was only 1.5% in current $, but that is nearly a 4% decline when you factor in inflation!
How is your church or ministry using data from this report and others to think strategically about stewardship and giving? #philanthropy #giving #churchgiving #UMC #UMDF #mission


Online Giving

Online Giving Trends from the Giving USA 2019 report - Are you offering online giving options? You should be. Online giving grew for religious organizations in 2018. Online gifts to religious organizations were larger than online gifts overall, with an average gift of $195 to religious organizations; online gifts to religious organizations also grew at a faster rate than overall online giving, with nearly 3% growth. How are you using this data to support your church or ministry? #philanthropy #giving #churchgiving #onlinegiving #UMDF #UMC



Have questions about #UMDF? We've got answers! Check out our FAQs about investing. #linkinbio #UMC #investing #impactinvesting #sociallyresponsibleinvesting


Resource Spotlight - Bulletin Inserts and Rate Sheets!


#UMDF has bulletin inserts and investment flyers with a short story of impact, investment rates, and contact information. These are easy resources to share to learn more about how investing with UMDF makes a difference! #linkinbio #investing #impactinvesting #sociallyresponsibleinvesting


God-Sized Dreams


Community UMC in Irwin, Pennsylvania would seem like the perfect candidate for a loan. The congregation has a strong commitment to giving, low debt, and they were able to pay off their last loan 9 years early! Yet, when it was time to complete their second building phase, they struggled to find a commercial lender that would allow them to live into the God-sized dream they had.

They envisioned a $10 million building and renovation project to do what God had called them to do. Local lenders seemed to want them to dream on a smaller scale, but the church knew these projects would enhance their ability to serve their mission field.